Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year in review, 2016 edition

  • Diana recovered from knee replacement.
  • Birthday party for Eunhye
  • Dominion removed the power line across the river behind our house. 
  • Went to Australia to see all the inlaws and outlaws, with an unexpected side trip to Hawaii.
  • Visited Kelson before he moved to Boston.
  • Hosted Michael Kelen for a couple of days.
  • Betina from Zambia stayed here for a couple of weeks.
  • Semi-adopted Razvan and George, students here from Romania for the summer. 
  • Visited Jonathan and Stacey at their "so new we haven't even found all the boxes, much less unpacked them yet" house in Columbia.
  • I attended LibertyCon while Diana and Rachael toured Chattanooga.
  • Rachael stayed with us for ten days of beach and surfing.
  • Josh got his Australian green card.
  • Drove to Long Island for a funeral and, on the trip back, uttered the utterly improbable phrase "Thank God we made it to New Jersey."
  • Finished our "New World, New Sun" D&D campaign with Darci, Kris, Jesse, Jana, and Tom Paul.
  • Started waltz lessons, which transmuted into lessons on foxtrot, bachata, milonga, and I know not what.
  • Went to Vienna, Cesky Krumlow and Prague. Came back from Prague, reluctantly.
  • Celebrated Gwen & Josh's first anniversary.
  • One of the more...interesting...presidential elections.
  • Visited mom and dad before they went back to Zambia, and played golf with dad.
  • Diana went to Toronto and Montreal for pre-Christmas visit.
  • Hosted a Christmas party for the D&D group and another for the neighbors.

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