Sunday, April 5, 2009


Back in the early and mid 80s, I enjoyed a role playing game called Champions. The players were comic book superheroes, saving innocents, thwarting villains, and running around in colorful skintight costumes. Now they're working on making it an MMORPG. However, they have a serious error in the "What kind of hero are you?" quiz. My result should be "a Non Player Character", but the result I got was:

Defender! Noble and true, you are the hero other heroes aspire
to be. You are a natural leader, selfless and kind, who will put the lives of others above your own, and are steadfast in your pursuit of justice.
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Anonymous said...

I got "Ironclad: A fierce warrior up for any challenge, you will never back down from a fight. You are an honorable combatant, but that does not mean you are above deriving pleasure from the defeat of your adversaries."

Except I was expecting soemthing more along the lines of Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange.

~ JM

Laserlight said...

Sounds accurate enough to me.