Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Man's Best Friend

We have a Labrador/chow named Zoe, a very pretty dog with a good disposition. She is My Wife's Dog. I came home Friday night while Diana was out, and I heard Zoe moving around upstairs, but she didn't come down to say hello. I fixed dinner...still no dog. I worked on the computer a bit...no dog. I walked to the foot of the staircase and she came to the top of the stairs, looked at me, and still didn't deign to come downstairs; she just went went back to the bed. Finally, after midnight, I said "that mutt has got to be needing a walk", so I called her and she ambled down the stairs.
By contrast, when Diana gets home, Zoe does cartwheels and backflips.


Lux Mentis said...

The dog just recognizes you as a cat person. Not a cat person in the sense of 'you like cats better' but a cat person in the sense that you act more like a cat.

Man's best friend? Books, the Internet, or video games.

Laserlight said...

A dear friend of mine said that "cat" might be too complicated for me, and that "algae" or possibly "amoeba" might be more appropriate.
At least she didn't say "pet rock".